What 2017 is all about?

Every year we introduce a new theme. This year our theme is dedicated to ‘womanhood’. Year 2015 for women was not so favorable we have come across many brutal incidents of crime against her.

Along with the time we just want to take a small initiative to highlight few issues which are ignored.

The saying- ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’. But the irony is that woman has been deprived of her due place and privilege. The equality among men and women remains myth at large. Woman needs to be empowered, involved in the process of decision-making, contribute in very field of life: family, society, politics, economics, etc.

2015 brought many challenges and good, bad, ugly happening to womanhood. Some where we celebrated her power and glory on the side we had to fight abuse, molestation and crime towards her. Few girls have not even seen the mother earth. They were killed in the wombs.

Newsmakers achievers’ award is symbol of woman’s power, beating against all odds in further estate. Our trophy says it all.

To salute the womanhood and pay our gratitude to her strength NBC Awards will bring some of the insights of a world created by women and hurdles they face also we plan to take our first initiative to improvise living of every woman, fighting for her dignity .

Hero is the one who is selected by the power, the power of people! Unlike other awards, which cater to only one sector, we have enveloped the entire range of activities that serve the human race from politics to healthcare, education, business and professionals, people who make life easier for the common man.

They will be honoured at a grand function which will be attended by delegates of many countries, celebrities, business dignitaries, politicians, et al. A star studded event that will be remembered and cherished by every Indian.

Lifetime Achievement Awardees

Pt. Birju Maharaj
Lifetime Achievement Award

Shree. Pradeep Velankar
Lifetime Achievement Award


Aasha Warriar
Best Spiritual Leader

Adhik Kadam – Borderless World Foundation
Best NGO

Dr Mukesh Bhatra
Best Doctor

Dr Deepak Bhosale
Best Educationist

Roxy Arora
Best Author

Virag Gupta
Best Lawyer

Namrata Thakker
Best Social Entrepreneur

R. Hitendra
Best IPS Officer

Ekroop Caur
Best IAS Officer


Deep Haldar
Best Journalist (Editor)

Rashid Hashmi
Best News Anchor

Vicky Nanjappa
Best Journalist (Digital)

Varun Singh
Best Journalist (Print)

Anil Nagpal
Best Photographer

Nandita Venkatesan
Best Writer / Reporter


Siddharth Nigam
Best Child Artist

Meghna Malik
Best Actress

Darshan Kumar
Best Actor

Lubna Adams
Best Fashion Choreographer

Ssumier Pasricha
Best Comedian


Samidha Guru
Best Marathi Actress

Kishor Kadam
Best Marathi Actor


Asha Mamedi
Best Social Worker

Sushant Divgikar
Best Video-Jockey


Vaidehi Taman

Sandip Soparrkar

Akshay Redij

Vikas Kumar