Company Profile

Expanding And Growing… Adding One Publication At a Time!

Afternoon Voice: Launched in 2009, Afternoon Voice is a Mumbai daily covering all aspects of the city. Besides the daily diet of news, sports and business; readers are served refreshing columns and features related to the theme of the day.

Mumbai Manoos: Launched in 2010, Mumbai Manoos is a daily tabloid targeting the Marathi youth readership. Its readership targets people living in Mumbai. Keeping the language barrier at a bay, it was an honour to launch a dedicated Marathi daily to promote and reach out to Marathi speaking yuva mumbaikar!

Beyond the News: Launched in 2009, Fast recognised for in-depth analysis of events that have a broad-spectrum impact on the society, the magazine has been appreciated on more than one occasion for its untarnished presentation of facts. In addition to reaching out to most cities in India; Our magazine is also read in international cities like Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai.

Hacker5: Everyone from IT, youth & common users are confronted by complex and critical choices of ethics and responsibility for which they should be prepared. Hacker5 presents the reality of those choices and their consequences. It directly addresses the key issues to influence the youth, IT personnels& common computer users towards personal safety and socially acceptable use of cyber tools. The main objective of Hacker5 is to help the user to understand how cyber world, new technologies & latest hacking techniques contribute to their lives and their families, communities, and nation.

Mee Mumbaikar: Launched in 2010, a yet another Marathi tabloid dedicated to all age group of people living in Mumbai to know whereabouts and happenings in the city, this tabloid is dedicated to feature the common man who deserves a recognition.

NBC Voice: This website is started with an intention to encourage fair, sensitive and accurate news coverage of issues concerning India. This website is envisioned as one of the leading voices of the ‘people of India’, as also for the purpose of upholding journalistic standards and ethics.

Maritime Bridges: Our monthly magazine which provides insight into the shipping industry of India, is unique in content and approach as we bring our expertise on reporting hard news and apply it to this sector. The focus of the magazine rests on the maritime events occurring along the country’s vast coastline. It aims not only to cater to the industry specific need of understanding the events that mostly affect them but also serves as a platform for the members of the industry to form opinions and initiatives.